Psychopath Vs Empath The Science Of Extreme Altruism And Evil

Summary :

First a bit of terminological history to clear up any confusion about the meanings of sociopath psychopath and related terms in the early 1800s doctors who worked with mental . There is no cure for sociopathy but it can be managed well or it can be managed poorly sociopaths dont respond very well to punishment but they do respond to incentives as discussed in this little blurb referencing the successful treatment of teenage sociopaths psychopaths arent . The always chaotic evil trope as used in popular culture a common concept of the sci fi and fantasy genres and especially games of those genres is the . A frequent question i get is how can sociopaths be good why would sociopaths choose to do the right thing if they dont feel the emotion guilt like everyone else does we all use short cuts to make decisions it would be impossible for us to make a fully informed reasoned decision every time . Hmm of all my sets of villains i think that htstws crimson empress and technically pyric are the weakest and that tsblads shift pathos alcatraz and scapegoat are the strongest

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