The Flow Of Polaritons Quasiparticles That Result From A Coupling Between Photons And Electron

Summary :

Exciton polaritons are hybrid light matter quasiparticles that arise in semiconductor microcavities because of the strong coupling between photons and electron hole pairs called excitons researchers have observed that if present in sufficient density exciton polaritons can form a bose einstein condensate bec in which all of the particles occupy the same quantum state. The flow of polaritons quasiparticles that result from a coupling between photons and electron hole pairs in a semiconductor material encounters an obstacle in the supersonic top and . Nguyen et al studied cavity polaritons which are light matter quasiparticles responsible for the coupling between electron hole pairs excitons and photons trapped in a semiconductor cavity on a micrometer scale these microcavities act as photonic structures that enhance the interaction between light and matter two mirrors confine the photons so they can resonantly interact with an excitonic transition. Thus polaritons are quasiparticles resulting from the strong coupling of photons with a dipole carrying excitation it follows from this definition that there is a variety of polaritons depending on the dipole carrying excitation

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