His Work Is Versatile And Cross Genre

Summary :

Cross genre fiction if you havent heard that term before is fiction that mixes two different genres or types of writing such as historical fiction and fantasy or romance and supernatural fiction or aliens and cowboys well you get the idea. Some stick to only one genre or only a few character themes whether that is their forte or because theyve been pigeonholed by the industry still others have found much success by being versatile in their craft not only does british actress emma thompson choose varied movies to work on she also acts in such versatile roles that she is . He developed a pottery glaze that made his creations more durable in the outdoors and thus suitable for use on the exterior of buildings his work is noted for its charm rather than the drama of the work of some of his contemporaries two of his famous works are the nativity circa 1460 and madonna and child circa 1475. Good directors can direct any genre and i dont think it either helps ones resume if they have a diverse filmography or hurts ones resume if they dont scorsese has a very diverse filmography but that doesnt make him any better for it. The man was really born to sing and his work throughout his career ranged from hard rock and heavy metal to pop power ballads and classical crossovers certainly this made him one of the most versatile rock vocalists ever

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