Tartuffe Or The Hypocrite

Summary :

Molires comedy tartuffe is probably the most famous and infamous play in the french repertoire first staged as a three act piece at versailles in 1664 in front of louis xiv with the title tartuffe or the hypocrite its withering satire of religious devotion created a scandal that forced the king to prohibit further performances. Tartuffe theme of hypocrisy hypocrisy is a slippery thing to some its obvious tartuffe is called a hypocrite pretty much right off the bat the more were told about him the more noticeable his hypocrisy becomes at the same time hypocrisy goes hand in hand with deception it represents an effort to project a false image. Tartuffe satire or spoof many people question whether tartuffe is really a satire or merely a spoof although the characters are overerly theartrical and a times ridicuouls does not mean that the play has no deeper meaning than comedy. Moliere tartuffe or the impostor or the hypocrite first performed in 1664 is one of the most famous theatrical comedies by moliere the characters of tartuffe elmire and orgon are considered among the greatest classical theatre roles as a result of moliere s play contemporary french and english both use the word tartuffe to designate. In the great plays that followed the school for husbands and the school for wives the misanthrope and the hypocrite tartuffe the miser and the hypochondriac the learned ladies the doctor in spite of himself the citizen turned gentleman and many others he exposed mercilessly one after another the vices and foibles of the day

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