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It just doesnt work that way so if a guy dumps you and says lets just be friends or suggests that you stay in touch recognize that what he really means is one of the three numbered statements above or some combination of the three. More ask a guy am i being needy a few clarifying points i know the term neediness gets thrown around a lot these days so i want to be really specific in how i define it neediness at its core is a mindset it finds a way to telegraph itself no matter how much the person tries not to act needy. Hey me and this guy and super close friends and we got closer emotionally then it turned into a friends with benefits scenario and he says hes attracted to me but he doesnt like me. Great post guy weve been talking about these for about 2 years at my linkedin power forum so one more valuable tip you may want to add to your excellent list is this internal corporate networking. Now with that backdrop when it comes to a potential spouse guys dont like the idea of a sexual relationship being easy any more than girls

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