He Lived In Hiding My Parents Followed Him But Were Never Allowed To See I Knew What Looked Like

Summary :

After grad school i moved in with my parents for a while we were having a big party and i invited my boyfriend adam i knew we would be drinking and he lived more than an hour away so i . He lived in berlin until he was 14 years old gert escaped the nazi death camps because his parents got him on a childrens transport to sweden in 1939 if the mynareks were caught hiding my . If his parents knew they were paying rent on a monthly basis when hes literally never in his apartment they would freak out but it isnt feasible for him to break the lease or find a sublet there. For this reason certain topics while they may be scary are not allowed as the focal point of the story these certain topics include but are not limited to rape pedophilia necrophilia child abuse torture porn gorenography and mental illness health disorders. My parents never hug or kiss my brother i when we were growing up it made me like we were not loved even though i know they do being 25 now i have to search for affection else where mostly from friends if they are not around i will feel extreme loneliness i will never make my child feel like they have 1 parent involved

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