Global Woman Nannies Maids And Sex Workers In The New Economy

Summary :

Nannies maids and sex workers their common element by rhonda ragsdale in barbara ehrenreich and arlie russell hochschilds collection of essays global woman nannies maids and sex workers in the new economy several scholars address the issues of modern domestic workers. Global sex workers is a series of pieces by a variety of authors on sex worker issues around the globe the term sex workers has been used deliberately by the editors and contributors as it emphaises the work in sex work and to some extent avoids the stigmatization associated with the term prostitute. Arlie russell hochschild h o k l d born january 15 1940 is an american sociologist and academicshe is professor emerita of sociology at the university of california berkeley hochschild has long focused on the human emotions which underlie moral beliefs practices and social life generally

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