A Problem Solving Approach To Intermediate Algebra

Summary :

Optimization of area problem lets say we are building a cute little rectangular rose garden against the back of our house with a fence around it but we only have 120 feet of fencing available what would be the dimensions length and width of the garden with one side attached to the house to make the area of the garden as large as possible what is this maximum area. Note that with non linear equations there will most likely be more than one intersection an example of how to get more than one solution via the graphing calculator can be found in the exponents and radicals in algebra section solving systems with substitution. Richard rusczyk is the founder of art of problem solving he is co author of the art of problem solving volumes 1 and 2 and intermediate algebra and author of introduction to algebra introduction to geometry and precalculus. Preface about this book beginning and intermediate algebra second edition was written to provide a solid foundation in algebra as well as to develop students problem solving skills

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